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My name is Lauren and I'm a vibrant and fun loving girl who tends to find herself starting off shyly but unwittingly winding up the life of the party. My personality is large and sociable and you'll no doubt find it infectious as you laugh along with me and find your spirits lifted and your stress forgotten for the moment.

I have a bountiful DD cup so there's ample double ambition to enjoy here. There's a ravishing woman to love in the sexy curves department make no mistake about that. My hair is long and willowy, tresses that are silky soft. My best asset would have to be my perfect round ass which is firm and yet curvy - just as a woman's sexy ass should be. Or is my best asset my mischievous smile? I shall let you be the judge of that. I keep fit with dancing and have a colorful history in exotic dance. I enjoy simple, hedonistic pleasures - long stem roses, imported chocolate and feminine yet striking designer lingerie.

I hope to meet you and take your breath away, diluting and then washing away your stress and allowing you to leave my company relaxed, recharged and with a spring in your step.

Very truly yours,

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