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Minka Fox · (724)216-7626 · Pittsburgh Escort

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Thank you for taking a moment to allow me to satiate some of the initial curiosity that you may have about me.

While this doesn't replace meeting in person,my hope is that it will at least offer some insight as to what one can expect in communicating with me, in order to ensure an initial meeting that is seamless and stress-free, as I believe that confidence and comfort are fundamental to fostering a positive and rewarding experience.

I am a highly versatile lady with a diverse skill set and range of interests. I have an agreeable, inquisitive and often bubbly temperament, a fairly decent sense of humor, and overall thirst for knowledge and life's experience.

Conversely and simultaneously, I'm very 'down to Earth'.I've worked steadily since the age of fifteen in areas and professions other than entertainment, allowing me to cultivate a deep appreciation for the client and/or consumer. I strive to abide by 'The Golden Rule' in all manner of interpersonal interaction, both privately and professionally and still believe in straightforward honesty and the adage, "the customer is always right,".

I pride myself on my ability to hold my own in any setting with all types of individuals. I am well mannered,
always respectful and reserved in public, and am familiar with and practice good etiquette, in addition to being familiar with and understanding of a wide range of international and intercultural customs.

In short, I'm very much like a chameleon. I am able to fit in and get along well in most any situation, with individuals and groups of people across the socioeconomic and class spectrums.

I genuinely enjoy spending time with all types of individuals and now, hopefully with you...

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